This used to be the "Ever Growing List of modo Online Tutorials" (eglomot).

I had quite some fun in helping a community (that sometimes helped me back) by browsing, watching, evaluating and putting together tutorials for the 3d tool suite "modo".

Unfortunately the fun has ended. The complete lack of support from the "community" in running this project and making it better along with some very clear statements that my stuff "is user unfriendly" (of course this was said in my back and I only got a quote on that from a friend) have demonstrated that it was a mistake.

I would have loved to run this project together with a community.

Although I have offered "TF" (you know who) to help them with creating something similar but "user friendly" (whatever that is, those users who keep whining don't COMMUNICATE their needs). As always, TF refused to even talk to me. Well, they did not want me to create (free) tutorials for them, they did not want me suggesting improvements to their documentation, so it was just logical that they did not want a search index for modo tutorials either.

It was a mistake and we learn from our mistakes. I just hope I don't make too many time consuming mistakes like this again, since time is the only thing you cannot buy.

Marc Albrecht